Turnaround and Restructuring

Turnaround refers to the process of reversing the decline of a company that is performing poorly or is in financial distress. The goal of a turnaround is to improve the company’s financial and operational performance and return it to profitability. Turnaround strategies may involve cost-cutting measures, refinancing, restructuring debt, divestitures, or changes in management.

Restructuring refers to a broader set of changes made to a company’s organizational structure, operations, or business model to improve its overall efficiency and profitability. Restructuring may involve changes to the company’s products or services, its management structure, its workforce, or its technology.

The aim of restructuring is to make the company more competitive and better positioned to succeed in the long term. Turnaround and restructuring are often used together to describe a comprehensive set of actions taken to improve the financial and operational performance of a struggling company

The goal of turnaround and restructuring is to help companies improve their financial and operational performance, overcome challenges, and position themselves for long-term success.

T&R Benefits

Increased stakeholder confidence

A successful T&R can help build stakeholder confidence in the company. This can help the company attract new business, retain key talent, and secure the financing it needs to grow and succeed.

Improved organizational effectiveness

An organizational effectiveness by streamlining its operations, improving its management structure, and creating a more focused and effective workforce.

Reduced risk of bankruptcy

A successful T&R can help a company avoid bankruptcy. By improving its financial and operational performance, the company can reduce its risk of financial failure and position itself for long-term success.

Improved financial performance

A successful turnaround and restructuring can help a company improve its financial performance, including profitability, cash flow, and balance sheet strength.

Increased competitiveness

A restructuring can help a company become more competitive by improving its operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving its products or services.

T&R Process

Assessment and analysis

Assessment and analysis of company's financial situation and competitive position in market. Reviewing financial statements, operational processes, market trends, and other relevant data.

Strategy development

Develop a customized strategy for improving the company's financial and operational performance. Involves cost-cutting measures, refinancing, debt restructuring, or changes in management.


Work with the company to implement the recommended changes. Involves changes to the company's organizational structure, workforce, products or services, or technology.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitor the results of the turnaround and restructuring efforts and make adjustments as needed to ensure that the company continues to improve its financial and operational performance.


Communicate effectively with stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, and investors and explaining the rationale behind restructuring and steps to improve performance.

Continual improvement

The company should continue to focus on continual improvement and ongoing monitoring of its financial and operational performance to ensure long-term success.

Why choose us


Brings specialized expertise and experience in T&R which includes financial analysis, operational optimization, debt and organizational restructuring, and strategic planning.


Provide an objective assessment of company's situation and develop a customized strategy based on the company's unique circumstances which helps the company avoid biases and blind spots

Faster results

Helps a company achieve faster results by bringing a sense of urgency and focus to T&R effort particularly in situations where the company is facing financial distress or other urgent challenges.

Reduced risk

Helps a company reduce the risk of failure by providing a structured and comprehensive approach to T&R process. . This can help the company avoid costly mistakes and increase the likelihood of success.

Access to resources

Provide access to additional resources, including specialized tools, data analytics, and industry expertise. It helps company make better-informed decisions and improve its overall performance.

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