How to Optimize Corporate Tax Liability in the UAE?

In UAE  businesses that earn more than AED 375,000 have to pay 9% tax which is lower than in many other countries UAE’s corporate tax legislation incorporates international best practices aimed at developing the country’s economy, helping businesses meet international standards, and preventing tax evasion. Businesses in the UAE can now reduce their overall taxes by using better company setups and taking advantage of certain tax benefits.  Businesses in the UAE can reduce their corporate tax by organizing their operations efficiently, using tax incentives and exemptions, and maximizing deductions.


Relying on an FTA Registered Tax agent In UAE BRISK helps ensure compliance and assists with corporate tax return filing.

Strategies To Minimize Business’s Corporate Tax Liability:

Use Tax Exemptions and Incentives

The UAE government offers various tax exemptions and incentives to businesses in certain areas. These include government entities, extractive businesses, non-extractive businesses, and public benefit entities. To get these benefits, make sure your business qualifies and applies to the right authorities.

Structure Your Business Properly

When you properly set up your business, you can save money on taxes. One effective strategy is to set up a part of your business, creating a subsidiary in a free zone can provide corporate tax incentives and other benefits like streamlined customs and access to world-class infrastructure. Benefits of a Free Zone

  • Tax Incentives
  • Streamlined Customs
  • Top-Quality Infrastructure

Maintain Financial Records

Keeping accurate financial records helps claim deductions on business expenses, which can lower your taxable income. Good records are also essential if your business is audited by tax authorities.

BRISK helps to maintain and prepare the best financial audit statements for multinational corporations and other businesses.

Hire a Registered Tax Agent in the UAE

A registered tax agent with years of experience in the UAE can provide the best tax compliance solutions. They are well-versed in corporate tax law and can help optimize your tax practices.

BRISK is an audit and taxation firm with registered tax agents and corporate tax consultants in the UAE to support businesses.

File Corporate Tax Returns and Make Payments on Time

It’s very important to file and pay your corporate taxes timely in UAE. It helps to avoid extra fees, fines, and penalties. Make sure to collect all your documents before the fiscal year ends. This will help you avoid a stressful last-minute rush. It helps to achieve several goals:


Stimulate Economic Growth: Lower taxes can help businesses save money.

Attract Investment: More countries are likely to invest in a country when taxes are lower.

Enhance Competitiveness: Lower taxes can make a country more attractive for businesses than other countries with higher taxes.

BRISK Corporate Tax Advisors

BRISK helps businesses to reduce their corporate tax liability through various strategies. Here’s how BRISK  can assist:

Utilizing Tax Exemptions and Incentives: BRISK helps identify and apply for UAE government tax breaks, ensuring eligibility and compliance.


Structuring Business Properly: Advises on setting up subsidiaries in free zones for tax incentives and other benefits.


Maintaining Financial Records: Assists in accurate record-keeping to maximize deductible expenses and reduce taxable income.


Tax Compliance and Optimization Guidance: Provides expert advice on tax compliance and optimization that is aligned with UAE laws.


Filing Corporate Tax Returns: Handles preparation and submission of tax returns, avoiding penalties.


By leveraging BRISK’s services, businesses ensure compliance and optimize tax practices, stimulating growth, attracting investment, and enhancing competitiveness.

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